Amen To That!

december 7, 2006

Wall Street and others maybe calling for Terry Semel's ouster, but I have to say, the guy still knows what he is doing. And he knows what he is talking about. This is still the same "mastermind" who brought Yahoo! back to life. And he has still got the power to rally the troops. For those of you that doubt Semel, he put it best at our last all hands meeting (as transcribed by a fellow Yahoo):

At the next all-hands. Just as a reminder. I'm sorry I didn't do it today. I'm gonna put up there all of the press reports on how Yahoo! was going out of business 5 years ago. And of how we were gonna be swallowed up by AOL, owned by Time-Warner, and by Microsoft, and by everybody else. And Yahoo! looked like it had a dim future. Well those headlines, of course, were used to wrap a lot of fish in a lot of people's houses, as the expression goes. And they were all full of shit, and they had no idea what we had planned for them. And they do not now as well! So, we could read about how I'm gonna join some retirement home. And we could read about how the company doesn't have a vision. And we could read about how we can't do this and we can't do that. Trust me, they will be as full of shit this time as they were last time.
If you have never heard Semel speak, that is a good reflection of the down-to-earth quality that he has -- and just a bit of the humor that he exudes. Amen to that Terry, keep on leading us. As to the rumor of layoffs at Yahoo!, here is what Semel had to say about it:

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