Christmas W810i

december 28, 2006

W810i Fired Up
My parents gave me some cash for Christmas so that I could go get something that I really wanted. What I really wanted, now that Jacob has arrived, was a cameraphone with a good camera in it. With that I could take snaps of Jacob that are print-quality without having to carry around a second digital device. What I found -- mostly reading reviews and using the Camera Finder at Flickr -- was that the SonyEricsson W810i is a damned good choice. I had my Motorola SLVR L7 on the plate to be sold on Ebay and I finally got to it last night. The SLVR sold this morning (Buy It Now) and I took the extra money and went to the SonyStyle store at Valley Fair. I picked up a brand new SonyEricsson W810i, unlocked and unbranded, from the SonyStyle store this afternoon. I have finally got the phone configured to my likings and am still exploring the options. The camera takes good low-light pictures, but I am really waiting until tomorrow to try it outside. The screen is brilliant and very viewable. The W810i also comes with music playing abilities and I will explore those later. What I found really interesting was the box for the W810i. It looks like Sony has taken a page out of Apple's book when it comes to boxing a product. Opening the W810i was almost as nice an experience as when I opened my first iPod box. See unboxing pictures here. Thanks mom and dad for such a great gift!

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