Fry's Appeal

january 2, 2007

Fry's Sunnyvale
Don't get me wrong, I still visit Fry's at least once a week to walk around and window shop. There is a geeky appeal to a place that stocks FreeBSD next to Windows XP...Or potato chips next to memory chips. Yeah, I still like to shop here, but has Fry's lost some of its appeal because of the internet? I used to shop at Fry's a lot more because of the prices and because they had some pretty esoteric electronics stuff -- oh, and also their return policy is quite liberal. But, nowadays, I can find much more esoteric stuff shopping around online. And prices? A lot of the time, I can get a much better deal online than at Fry's -- especially taking into account the fact that shipping is cheap and I don't have to pay taxes (at most online places). And on top of all of that, recently their ads have been very lackluster.  The ads during the Christmas season were particularly disappointing. I am finding that I do a lot more electronics shopping online now.  Fry's missed the boat with their online store.  They only recently opened the online store -- which is just a rebranded  With places like Newegg and Ebay and Amazon already entrenched in online electronics sales, I don't know how much of a differences can make for Fry's Electronics. What do you think?  Do you shop at Fry's?

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