Disturbing Sony...

january 6, 2007

Included With My SonyEricsson W810i
When I first opened my SonyEricsson W810i box and was looking through the stuff, I noticed the above. Inside a SonyEricsson product is a SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo flash card instead of a genuine Sony flash card. Anyone else find this a bit odd? I mean, you are Sony. You should include your own media in the box, no? A quick check of prices on Amazon turns up what could be the reason for the inclusion of a SanDisk card instead of a Sony one...Price. SanDisk's 512MB MSPD card is priced at $28.90. Sony's? It costs $44.99! That is 56% more than the SanDisk one! WTF? This brings up two things that are bothersome:
  1. Sony cannot even price their own proprietary stuff cheaper than SanDisk.
  2. Sony went and cut costs by putting their competitor's product in the box. Where's the backbone? Where's the promotion of your own product?
Sigh. Sony created a proprietary format that is so expensive that they themselves got outpriced. That is kind of sad.

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