Killzone Liberation

january 13, 2007

I picked up Killzone Liberation a while back -- before Jacob was born -- and played it for a few hours. I got stuck on Chapter 2, Level 2 right before Jacob was born. I tried to finish the level before he came, but it was difficult. After he was born, I hardly had time (or patience) to try it. It is the kind of thing that makes me stop playing games. I had been playing non-violent puzzle games since Jacob was born since they don't require a boatload of concentration or long stretches of time (Tetris DS kicks ass by the way). Tonight, I finally got a chance to play again and after what seemed like a gah-zillion deaths, I finally figured out and passed the level. What a pain in the ass. Now, off to the next frustrating level. I picked up Killzone Liberation because Sony had sent me a teaser UMD in the mail -- they also sent a demo UMD for Pursuit Force, but that one didn't get my attention like the Killzone one did. I do like Killzone Liberation, I just wish it had one big feature: Save anywhere. I don't like games that make me go back to checkpoints -- especially if there is some damned frustrating firefight between checkpoints. I want to save my game whenever and wherever I am. This is doubly important for me when it is a portable game. There is a lot to love about the game. The graphics are the best on the PSP, bar none. The rag doll physics and character animations are incredible. The sound fits the game perfectly -- though, the repetitive cursing could be toned down a bit. I like the controls and the user interface also. When playing the game, things never stop -- like if you stop at a tool chest to get ammo...things just...slooooow....dooown. You can be attacked while issuing orders to your teammate or while picking up ammo. It is pretty cool. The extras in the game (minigames) are a good addition also. Anyhoo, Killzone Liberation is a pretty good game for the PSP. It is a bit frustrating, but the other things in the game make up for it. Guerrilla, next time, can I play as one of the badass looking Helghast?

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