Netgear and Bittorrent

january 13, 2007

I was downloading a Linux ISO via Bittorrent and my Netgear WPN824 kept restarting itself.  I am not sure what was happening, but I think it was because Bittorrent was overrunning the Netgear with open connections.  I hooked up my older Netscreen 5GT and it handled Bittorrent just fine.  When I looked at the number of active connections, it was near 300.  Yikes.  So, for now, I have the WPN824 acting as only an access point, the Netscreen 5GT will handle all the routing and firewall duties.  I also hooked up my old Netgear WGR614 as a gaming router, it will handle all the 802.11b traffic for my PSP and DS.  The nice thing is that the WGR614 can be alive with the radio off (it is a switch in the configuration).  So, I can just turn on the radio via the web interface when I want to game online.  Nice.

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