T-Mobile Opens Up Ports

january 13, 2007

Last night I was poking around trying to setup port-forwarding for ssh into my home. JR had found a pretty cool MIDP ssh client for mobiles named MidpSSH and I wanted to give it a try on my SonyEricsson W810i. T-Mobile's t-zones usually has all their ports shut off except for POP3, IMAP, and the secure version of those two ports. So what I would end up doing is port-forwarding an open port (say imap/143) over to the ssh port on my server. I had installed MidpSSH on my phone and for giggles I tried to ssh into my home. It worked!  I tried the NetFront browser sans the T-Mobile proxy and that worked too.  IM+ for chatting?  It worked!  So, I tethered my Powerbook G4 onto the W810i via Bluetooth and everything worked.  Nice, $5.99 a month for an unlimited EDGE connection.  Not a bad deal.  Sure, it is not 3G speeds, but that is OK.  I hope T-Mobile keeps the ports open and that people do not abuse the service (too much).

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