Luke, I'm Your Father...

january 15, 2007

Noooooo... Anyhoo, I did not grow up on Star Wars. I did become a fan later in life though. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a complete Star Wars geek now -- well, I love the original ones and the later ones (Episodes I-III) can be done without. What I did grow up with were Legos. I had mounds of Legos to play with when I was a kid. I loved Legos and they remind me of my childhood -- on a side note, my sister and brother-in-law got me a Lego version of the Batmobile for Christmas, hehe, thanks! So, when the original Lego Star Wars came out, I gave it a try. It was a great idea, but I did not have a real attachment to the game because it was based on Episodes I-III. Now that Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy is out, I just had to have it. I got it yesterday for my PSP and played it until my PSP ran out of battery. I have been playing it all day today also (well, that is relative, "all day" really means the minutes while Jacob is sleeping). I played through the Empire Strikes Back chapter already and it was damned fun watching Lego actors do Star Wars. Heh. And there is a sly sense of humor that is injected into the whole Lego Star Wars thing and that makes it so much more fun.  I can't get enough of seeing Chewbacca pulling off the arms of a Storm Trooper.  Heh. I think I will try to play through A New Hope today. Maybe when I have time, I will go Ewok hunting in Return of the Jedi soon.

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