january 16, 2007

Well, "24" started out with a huge bang on Sunday and Monday. I was very impressed by the four-hour season premiere. It may sound like a long premiere, but in typical "24" style, it flew by really quick. There are spoilers ahead, so if you have not watched the Season 6 premiere yet, come back after you have. What happened to Curtis Manning was wrong. I liked that character, what is up with TV shows killing the big likable black characters? The same thing happened with Eko from LOST. I liked that character also and the producers of LOST killed him off. I think the whole thing with Curtis Manning was a bit contrived and though it was a good plot-point for the show, it was still wrong. Lets also not forget what happened with David Palmer. The ending to the premiere just blew me away (pun intended). A nuclear device had gone off in this show's history, but that one went off in the desert. This time, the writers and producers really went for a shock moment when the let the bomb go off in LA. Impressive and quite a risk that they have taken. Jack is back, but the poor man is broken. The Chinese really did a job on his mind. I felt sorry for the guy through most of the premiere. The problem that I see is that if he is this broken, how will he still be kick-ass Jack Bauer? The bomb will be a driving motivator, but I really have to see how this delicate situation is handled by the writers. Kiefer Sutherland is great as Jack. So far, there is no sign of Kim Bauer. Yay! But, there is also no sign of Audrey Raines. Boo! Kim Raver took a huge chance going to work on "The Nine". Now that "The Nine" is failing (though ABC is still bringing it back), I hope that the producers of "24" extend an offer to Raver to come back as Audrey. Peter MacNicol as the President's adviser is great! The storyline about the Presidents sister (portrayed by Regina King) looks to be the fluff story this season. I did not like it at all and it seemed like padding for the show -- much like the Kim Bauer storylines. They need to end that story quickly. I am also on the fence about Wayne Palmer as President. His brother made a more credible president. Hey! Look it is the doctor from Deep Space Nine as a terrorist! Cool! Overall, great start to what I hope is a great season.

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