Thin Is So Passé

january 17, 2007

No, I'm not talking about the walking skeletons of Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton. I'm talking about Motorola's thin phones. The thin rage has, apparently come to an end. The RAZR, SLVR, KRZR, and whatever other funky four-lettered named phones are not selling well. Motorola has pushed their aging RAZR for far too long and it seems that the follow-up phones just have not captivated the masses as Motorola thought that they would. The only exception would probably be the Motorola Q. Earlier this month, Motorola announced that they would miss their profit target. Today, Sony Ericson announced that its profits have more than tripled in the last quarter. Sony Ericsson is quickly catching up to number three Samsung in handset sales, in the last quarter Sony Ericsson closed the sales gap to 20%. What is interesting to note is that Sony Ericsson does not have any thin phone in its line up. Also, Sony Ericsson does not have heavy carrier support in the States. Cingular has six models from Sony Ericsson. Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile do not carry Sony Ericsson phones. All four of the big players in the States do carry Motorola phones. I highly doubt that the retail presence of unlocked Sony Ericsson phones in the SonyStyle stores make that much of a difference either -- American mobile phone users are more into the "Hey which phone is free and can I get a free case with my contract" type consumers, not the kind that go for high-end features. My guess is that Sony Ericsson phones sell mostly outside of the States. So, was thin ever in for you? I had a Motorola SLVR, which I recently sold (ironically to help pay for my Sony Ericsson W810i). I still have my Motorola RAZR V3 (the original) which I will keep because it is still an iconic phone like the old Motorola StarTac.

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