State of OS

january 20, 2007

I had an itch to change distros (from CentOS 4) in December and I did. I flipped over to Ubuntu 6.10 and liked it a lot. But, shortly after we got back home with Jacob, I went back to CentOS 4. Yes, I know Alice, I got a problem -- and you were right, Ubuntu did not last long. There were small problems with Edgy, like sound dying when the notebook came back from suspend -- what good is suspend mode (compared to shutting down) when the machine does not fully work when it comes back up? Anyways, I was at Fry's the other day with a gift card and found that they were selling refurbished 70W Targus Universal Notebook AC Power Adapters for $30! Goodness gracious, I paid $80 for mine a while back when it was brand new. I picked up a power adapter so that I could use it with a second Compaq Evo N600c that Joe at work gave me. Since then, I have turned the little notebook (P3/1.06Ghz, 40GB HDD and 256MB RAM) into a small outward facing server ( running CentOS 4. So, here is the state of OSes at home. Three CentOS 4 boxes (storage server, web server, personal Linux notebook). Two Windows boxes (my wife's VAIO and my VAIO). One MacOS X box (my main notebook, a Powerbook G4). In the garage are three old computers (two PIIs and one Celeron) which I offer free to anyone who wants them!

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