"Gates promises Vista to wow PC buyers"

january 29, 2007

"Gates said, there are layers of wows for all the different types of PC users: the gamers, the students, the business users, the moms." Yea, OK sure. Bill needs to learn to develop a Steve Job's Reality Distortion Field -- because Gate's salesmanship is lacking. Different layers of "wows"? Come on... "Wow, I just spent $250 on this thing." "Wow, my PC is too slow to use the much touted Aero interface." "Wow, didn't Mac OS X do this a few years back already?" "Wow, the EULA says I can't run Windows Vista in a virtual machine." "Wow, it's like Windows XP, but needs more system resources." "Wow, how many damn version are there?" "Wow, after five years and this is it?" "Wow, this thing is choke full of DRM." Windows 3.0 was a turning point for Microsoft.  Windows 95 was when Microsoft was cool and waiting in line at midnight to pick up a copy of Windows was OK.  Windows 2000 was used only because we used it at work.  Windows XP was an upgrade because it was Windows 2000 with a prettier interface.  Windows Vista is not a very compelling upgrade.  Maybe the biggest "wow" of all: "Wow, I really don't need Microsoft Windows anymore."

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