february 19, 2007

TV has become a luxury now that Jacob is here. I am finding that I am watching a lot more...Food Network. Crazy shows like "24" are finding their way to the backburner of the DVR.  "24" may soon find its recording schedule canceled. But, somehow the Food Network keeps on entertaining. I really enjoy watching Iron Chef America (go Morimoto!) and Good Eats (go Alton!). What I found, after watching a few episodes of "Giada's Weekend Getaways" is that Giada De Laurentiis is a pretty good Food Network celebrity! I have seen a few of Rachel Ray's "$40 A Day" and I find Rachel a bit...fake. Rachel has this way of saying "Mmmm!" before she has even put the food in her mouth! She has a sense of fake bubbliness to her that I really don't like. Giada is different, she seems to be having fun on her show. She eats her food and talks with her mouth full (!!). With Rachel, it just seems like she's going through the motions, with Giada, I feel like she's actually having a good time while shooting the show. The thing that really showed the difference between the two was when they went on Iron Chef America. Giada was teamed with Mario Batali. Rachel was teamed with Bobby Flay. And, like usual, Giada and Batali seemed to be having genuine fun while cooking. Rachel was sweating bullets and really not looking like she was enjoying the Iron Chef America experience. Oh, on the topic of Iron Chef America: Morimoto rules. Flay is snooty. Batali is cool, except for that angry side that shows itself from time to time. And poor Cora, can she ever win?

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