We Love Wii!

february 21, 2007

The market has spoken...They love Wii and don't want to spend $600 on a PS3. Surprised? Not really. What still makes me smile is that the PS2 continues to stomp over Xbox 360 in regards to sales. The top two consoles cost less than $300, are people trying to tell us that they don't believe consoles are worth more than that?  The numbers for January:
  1. Wii - 436,000 units sold
  2. PS2 - 299,000 units sold
  3. Xbox 360 - 294,000 units sold
  4. PS3 - 244,000 units sold
It is too early to announce a winner for this generation of consoles, but I think there is a clear leader: Nintendo. It has been a long time since they have had such great success, but it is nice to see them back. This is a good sign that gamers are looking for something different. You can only play so many first-person shooters before they get stale -- and that seems to be the genre of choice for the Xbox and PS3 platforms. Also, I think it is a good sign that horsepower and graphics don't hold as much draw when compared to "fun". Make a console and stock it with games that are fun, and people won't care if you can see the hair on the back of a character's neck.

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