HD-DVD and Bluray

march 1, 2007

I was at Fry's today looking at the displays for HD-DVD and Bluray. Bluray was a nice setup, a Sony Bluray box hooked up to a large Sony LCD HDTV running Nacho Libre. I don't really agree that Nacho Libre is the best film to be showing off high definition video, but it still did its job. Bluray was really nice and the picture was sharp and captivating. Next to the Bluray setup was an HD-DVD setup. It was a Toshiba HD-DVD player hooked up to (and this is sad) a Sony HDTV. The HD-DVD setup was running Batman Begins -- a movie I've seen many times on DVD. I was very impressed with HD-DVD. Batman Begins was a great movie to show off its capabilities -- I watched the chase scene through downtown Gotham. The chase looked spectacular, I could see the rivets on the bridges! But, of course it comes down one question: Which was better? Neither. They both offer great looking HD content, but either way it was the same. And I think that in the end, Joe Shmoe would either not be able to tell the difference between SD-DVD and HD-DVD. And if he could, he would not be able to tell the difference between Bluray and HD-DVD. In my dream world, we'd all have fiber to the house with gigabit connections. We'd have a nice HD-DVR system at home that can get content from multiple online vendors. Movies download to the box and I watch the movies from the box. If I get a new box, I can redownload all the content that I already paid for. Or if I choose, I could go with an all-you-can-watch download system. That would be the best thing. Who needs discs anyways?

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