Point of Impact

march 18, 2007

I finished reading Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter today. Not a bad book. It took a slow long start, but when it finally got over the hump, it was a pretty damn good thriller. There are a bunch of plot points that were really predictable, but well-written enough that I was able to let them go. The ending to the book is pretty technical, but works out well. The book is the basis for the new Mark Wahlberg film "Shooter" and this is part of what interested me in the book -- the other part was that, for some strange reason, the book takes place in Arkansas. The movie moves the action over to Wyoming and Wahlberg's character is a lot younger than the Bob "The Nailer" Swagger in the book. I don't know if I'll go see the movie in the theatres, but it is defintely on my rentals list at Netflix. I did really enjoy the book, I blew through the last 100 pages this afternoon because it was truly a "page turner". Now onto my next book, "Gates of Fire" by Steven Pressfield. The book is about the battle at Thermopylae -- which is the basis for the movie "300".

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