Oracle With Pants Down

march 22, 2007

Dude, does Larry Ellison ever learn not to lie? First, he comes out with his Unworkable Linux and tells all sorts of lies: "Red Hat only provides bug fixes for the latest version of its software" or how about, "We think it’s important not to fragment the market." He got caught on all his lies when Unusuable Linux was released. A couple of days ago, during the Oracle earnings call, Larry came out and said, "We've already signed a number of support contracts, some for over half a million dollars. And Oracle has displaced Red Hat at Yahoo and numerous other customer sites as their Linux support supplier." Huh? Instantly that made me scratch my head. At work, I have see RHEL installs only, never an Oracle one. Hrm, I better ask around. I asked on the mailing lists, but nothing came of it. Then this morning, the truth comes out and it shines that "I am a big fat liar" light straight on Larry Ellison again. From Yahoo!: "Our current infrastructure leverages both Red Hat and Oracle Linux products." From Red Hat: "Red Hat and Yahoo continue to enjoy a fruitful relationship." From Oracle about this debacle: "No comment."  A little camera shy when you're caught lying, maybe? Not only is Oracle's Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone a joke, Larry Ellison has to go out lying about the product in order to try to drum up support for it.  That is pretty sad Larry, very sad indeed. Again, I suggest you (the great Larry Ellison) take a few tips from armchair CEO Mookie. The first and most important is: stop lying! You keep lying and people will keep calling your bluff. And the more you keep this up, the more it will be like you calling wolf when there is no wolf to be seen.  And second, get out of the Linux business.  If all you have is some badly cloned version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, then get out and stay out.

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