atrpms Where'd You Go?

april 2, 2007

I went to do a "yum update" and it kept dying while trying to fetch from atrpmsatrpms where'd you go? I only rely on atrpms for one package now that RHEL5 comes with NetworkManager:  madwifi.  So, I figured, why even bother using an external repo for one set of packages (madwifi comes in a pack of three rpms).  I just downloaded the source for madwifi from their site and did a "make ; make install" and was done with it. The build was much cleaner than it was with CentOS4 (aka RHEL4).  And because NetworkManager is included (along with wpa_supplicant), I did not have to do anything else.  Everything just worked. A nice side effect of this is that when Red Hat updates the kernel, I won't have to rely on atrpms to build a matching madwifi package.  I can just rebuild the kernel module real quick and be up and running.

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