Don't Shop at Circuit City

april 4, 2007

A business can do whatever they want -- but, they have to do it with some sort of respect towards their employees and not all about the bottom line. What Circuit City is doing to improve their bottom line is plain being a bad corporate citizen. Circuit City is laying off 3,400 employees in order to replace them with lower paid employees. That is the kind of corporate action that makes me puke. It is a terrible way about trying to get the bottom line to look better. But, I don't know if my suggestion is any better. Circuit City is not doing well. That we know. I highly doubt this replacement of higher paid workers with lower paid workers is going to improve their situation. So, my suggestion is to let Circuit City executive management know that what they are doing is plain inhuman: Don't Shop at Circuit City. Boycott them for taking such a terrible path. Let Circuit City die.  This kind of Scrooge-like action by Circuit City executive management is unacceptable.

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