Of Paid Support

april 12, 2007

So, I have this subscription with Red Hat for their Workstation. What's a geek supposed to do? I just discovered the answer: Become very lazy about seeking answers. The difference between a Red Hat installation and a CentOS installation? There's some trained guy who has to help you no matter how silly your question is with a Red Hat Support Contract -- and the Red Hat Support Contract gives unlimited support incidents. For me, with a Basic subscription, my issues have a two business day turn around and are all web-based. That's fine with me. I do take advantage of Red Hat's excellent Knowledge Base before contacting support. But, the days of visiting IRC channels and searching for answers on the web are nearly over. Why spend my time doing that when I have already paid someone else to answer my questions? The only time I do search on the web for answers is for things that are not supported by Red Hat. On my system, most everything is supported by Red Hat because I hardly add any software outside of the stuff that Red Hat provides. Before I got my new notebook, I had a hand built madwifi kernel module (for my Atheros based WLAN card) and Vmware Server. Now that I have the new notebook, I don't need my old Atheros based WLAN card, so no need for madwifi. The Intel Pro/Wireless 3945abg card has does not have support from Red Hat's since it is in their Extras collection, but I also have the confidence that Red Hat has put together the package (and it wasn't built by some knuckle head like me).  And Vmware Server still gets installed, but I don't need Red Hat's support for that. So far, I've filed tickets for a few issues from why kernel-devel is missing from a plain Desktop installation to how to turn on Desktop Effects. All issues have been professionally answered and taken care of. I am pretty satisfied with Red Hat's support. It beats getting belittled by people in an IRC channel. Off topic: I have Compiz turned on now and it is pretty neat. Wobbly windows is turned off, but the cube thing is on. I showed Eileen and she exclaimed, "What a show off feature, how does that make you more productive?" It doesn't, heh. It's just cool looking. Though, the one thing I do think makes a big difference is the shadows that come with Compiz.

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