Feisty Yawn

april 19, 2007

So, Canonical released Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) today. I bittorrented a copy of the CD and booted it up on my machine. I have to say that my first impression of 7.04 is: Feisty Yawn. (And before all you Ubuntu Fanbois go flaming on me, I do like the Ubuntu distro.) The Ubuntu page lists the new features of this release as: Maybe I have come to expect too much from a Ubuntu release, but the new feature set seems a bit...light to me. I think Mark Shuttleworth should really consider not sticking so rigidly to his April/October release cycle. Sure, it is nice and predictable, but it would be cool to have a release with more bling than this if it took a little longer. Yea, Windows Migration Tool, neat idea. Easy Install of Media Codecs: Why give me a tool when you can install the codecs by default? Desktop Effects: Everyone has been doing it already (Federa Core and openSUSE already had it in the previous releases, RHEL5/CentOS5 had it when the were release not long ago). NetworkManager: Same as Desktop Effects, old news. The Ubuntu distro has always had proprietary drivers, I have to look at this manager more deeply. Does it do something other than what was done before? New Artwork: Still brown, bleh. Chess and Suduko, neat! Release every six months for small features like this?  Is it really worth it?

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