GDI vs Nod

april 19, 2007

Ok, so the new Command and Conquer 3 has just hit the shelves. I don't have a machine fast enough for all that goodness, so I pulled out my old Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun disks to play. Oh, talk about the memories of gaming in the 90s. Good ole GDI fighting the evil Brotherhood of Nod, that is classic gaming if you ask me. I remember playing the original Command and Conquer with my buddy Norm. We used to call each other early in the morning and get our modems ready. One of us would setup our Command and Conquer to receive a call and the other would dial in. Then we'd play Command and Conquer for hours, doing battles with little four or five pixel high soldiers and jagged little armored vehicles. Those were the good days of gaming, where you knew the guy on the other side that you were playing against. The new fandangled networks like Xbox Live match you up with a whole lot of people hiding behind aliases, but you never really know who these people are. Of course, you can hook up with your buddies online also. But, I still loved the days of playing Command and Conquer with a real buddy. It took work to get the modem connection going, but it was fun. Command and Conquer sure brings back memories. I have Tiberian Sun running in a VM at 800x600 (the highest resolution) and it runs great. Fun, fun!  I have the Tiberian Sun soundtrack somewhere in a box in the garage, maybe I'll go digging tonight to find it.

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