Battlestar Galactica

may 4, 2007

After a great start to the season, Battlestar Galactica seemed to have fallen into a rut. The midsection of season three of Battlestar Galactica was disappointing. I had a stack of episodes to watch after the series returned in January and I finally finished watching them all tonight. There are spoilers after this. The midsection and late section of the season really was not that great. The last episode was great. Ron Moore and his writing team have again changed the dynamics of the show with the last episode of the season. The sight of Starbuck returning was surprisingly happy (though in a shocking way). I am glad Moore and team did not go for a big "two years later" type jump as they did with the previous season's closing episode. The exposing of the final five Cylons was something that I saw coming -- and I did have my suspicions about Starbuck. The other four were pretty surprising to me. What does irk me is the coincidental nature of the positions of all two of the four Cylons: Colonel Tigh and Tory. How could the Cylons put together friendships like that so many years back? And have them last? What are the chances that these two models would be just in the right place at the right time? This goes double-true for Colonel Tigh. The coincidence of it all really stinks, but it all makes for good drama. So where does the show go from here? I can only imagine. I hope next season (in 2008) does a bit better in the middle than this season did. I feel that season three lost steam after the rescue from New Caprica -- and it never did gain it back until the last episode of the season (though the episode where Starbuck goes down in a ball of flames was good). The new dynamics of the show, now that we know who all the models of Cylons are, should make for some genuine excitement. I hope that Ron Moore and team have some good stories to tell, and I hope they wrap up Battlestar Galactica soon. I don't want this show to drag on season after season. They are getting near a point where I think the show can begin to wrap things up and end on a high note. Lets hope Earth is what everyone thought it would be.

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