Of Monkies and Puppies

may 10, 2007

So, Yahoo! Small Business gave out free two-year accounts to everyone in the company.  A sort of "eat your own dog food" type promotion to get us all to talk about Yahoo! Small Business.  Here's my blurb about it.  It is nice for those who aren't webdevs or who are looking for a quick "my other email address is @aol.com" type website.  But for power users, I think there are other options -- ultramookie.com is hosted on DreamHost.  I know there are Yahoos who are more vocal about their distaste with Yahoo! Small Business.  I haven't had that much experience yet, but so far it seems OK for beginners. I registered screamingmonkies.com and I know of a Yahoo who registered iEatPuppies.com.  I am wondering how many useless (well, not totally useless as they are entertaining) domain names got registered with this internal promotion.  I don't plan on doing much with screamingmonkies.com, just have a little fun with it, see what I can do with the webhosting.

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