28 Shots Later...

may 17, 2007

Pain.  Lots.  Of.  Pain. This all started two weeks ago.  I visited my dentist to have a root canal.  Yes.  Already cringing in pain.  My dentist, bless his heart, shot me up with enough local anesthesia to put down a two-ton elephant and I was still feeling the pain.  So, he put a temporary filling in and gave me some antibiotics.  He figured my nerve was inflamed and that was what was causing the pain. Today, I returned and again.  He shot me with a huge dose of anesthesia, right next to the nerve in my jaw and let me sit for a while -- better to let the anesthesia kick in.  Then he came back and gave me a second shot and I waited for ten more minutes.  He came back and started to work on my tooth with a drill and WHAMMO.  Ouch!  I felt it.  He shot anesthesia directly on the tooth and tried again.  Ouch!  No go.  Defeated, my dentist called a specialist up and referred me over to him. I drove down the street to the specialist.  He asked me some questions, poked at the tooth and told me it was no problem.  He shot me up again with anesthesia and tried to work.  "Going slowly, no problem."  He kept repeating.  He told me to raise my left hand if I felt it.  Two seconds later, my left hand was up.  He went in and shot me again, then started working.  A few seconds later?  Left hand up. Rinse and repeat a dozen times more:  Shot, slow drilling, pain, shot, slow drilling, pain.  The last three times he actually got to the nerve, which was really painful and he used some whizbang looking gun device to apply something to calm the pain.  He was able to finally finish.  The assistant promised that next time it would be less painful. I hope so. Three things I wish evolution would have taken care of before I was born:  Teeth, hair and nails.  They all suck.

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