"Survivorman" vs. "Man vs. Wild"

may 20, 2007

OK, after watching my fill of both these shows, I deem Survivorman the winner in the "I am a crazy foreigner trying to survive in the wilderness" contest. Sure, Bear from "Man vs. Wild" is a former British SAS operative and has climbed Everest. Sure, in one episode Bear drinks moisture squuezed from elephant poop. But, there is always this sense of Man vs. Wild being completely setup for TV. The biggest problem that detracts from Man vs. Wild? The camera crew. You see, Les (aka "Survivorman") is a badass Canadian (whoever thought I would use "badass" and "Canadian" in the same sentence. Ever.) Les gets dropped off in remote locations by himself. He carries upwards of 50lbs of camera gear by himself. And he shoots all his own video -- which really means that if you see him walking into the distance, he's walked it at least twice! (Once to get it on video, once to pick up the camera). If you see Les climbing up a steep hill? He's done it twice, once to set up the camera, once more to pick up the camera. You get the idea. Les is crazy. Both guys have eaten things that make my stomache churn watching (the aforementioned moisture from elephant poop, rats, mice, rabbits, snails, conch, bats, live snakes, etc). Ick. Both know how to survive in the wild. And both go days without food. But, Les. That Les, he is the man. He does it all by himself. Sure, Bear says that the camera crew doesn't help him out. That maybe true, but the crew still detracts from the authenticity of "a crazy foreigner trying to survive in the wilderness". And that's why Survivorman is the winner in my books.

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