Daily Dose Of Literature

may 22, 2007

This is a great idea.  It is a wonder why I had not found it earlier.  The site is DailyLit.com and what they do is send snippets of books via email to people.  So, "The Art of War" comes broken into 17 little five-minute reads, one piece is sent per day.  You can get emails weekdays, all days, or Mon/Wed/Fri.  It is a wonderful idea for techies, since we all read emails all day long.  Why not get one that is a piece of literature?  Five minutes a day, 17 little pieces, that's reading a whole book in a little over two weeks.  HG Wells' "Time Machine" comes in 38 pieces, so that's a little over five weeks.  Not too bad.  And if it gets good, I can have DailyLit send pieces manually also.  Great site providing a wonderful service!

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