The Road To Earth

june 4, 2007

Battlestar Galactica Season Four Spoilers Ahead. You have been warned. So, as I wrapped up watching BSG season three, with Starbuck telling Apollo that she has seen Earth -- and that she will lead them there, I wondered inside: How exactly are they going to have any episodes after this? Ronald D. Moore and David Eick had done two things to put BSG into what looked like the final act: They revealed that Earth is near and they revealed four of the last five Cylon models. The last shot of BSG season three even showed us Earth itself, telling us that unlike the Star Wars universe where Earth may or may not exist, Earth definitely exists in the BSG universe. So, what are they supposed to do? End the show. Yes, SciFi Channel just announced that this upcoming season four of BSG will be the last season. Good TV shows do not run forever and great TV shows know when to stop. I am happy that Morore and Eick have decided that this will be the end of BSG. BSG, despite a lackluster season last year, is still one of the best shows on TV. Will I miss it after the last episode of season four? Frak yes! But, am I happy that they are wrapping up? Abso-fraking-lutely! I love it when shows go out by their own choice. I love having the sweet memory of a good show, instead of a show that has run too long and spoiled its welcome (think The X-Files). I look forward to seeing what Moore and Eick have up their sleeves for this final season of BSG. I really do. When you have nothing to lose is when you start to come out with your best stuff. And I think this final season of BSG will top all the previous three. For those of you starting up your "Save BSG" petitions, don't even try it. Let BSG go out on its own terms, with a bang, and leaving us with fond memories of one of the best science fiction shows on TV.

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