Live Free or Die Hard

june 20, 2007

The first eight minutes of "Live Free or Die Hard" are now on Yahoo! Movies.  Check out the eight minute clip here.  I am really looking forward to the movie because I am a huge Die Hard fan.  It seems like the odd numbered Die Hard movies are directed by John McTiernan and the even numbered ones by someone else.  This time, the someone else is Les Wiseman, who is better known as Mr. Kate Beckinsale -- well, and for directing the two Underworld movies (starring, of course, Ms. Beckinsale).  I admire his eye for action, lets see how he handles a Die Hard movie.  I'm itching to see this one in the theatres!  Oh, and "Mac" from the Apple commercials is in this movie too.  Heh.  I wonder if "PC" will be making a cameo?

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