Good-Bye Building F...

june 27, 2007

Good Bye Building F

Good-bye Building F and the perfect parking spot. We got an email from the team moving our cubes and stuff the other day. One of the bullet points was: "You will not have access to your cube on FRIDAY after 8:00AM."  Today is my last day working in Building F (I have tomorrow off).  So, this is it. After today, sayonara Building F! Sayonara main campus! It's been a great two years here, now it's off to a new campus and new building!  Mookie is off to his shared office in Santa Clara! I'll definitely miss this parking space:

Good Bye Perfect Parking Spot

If I get to work around 9am, I can have this "perfect" parking spot.  Usually, I duke it out with some guy who drives a Volvo.  Sometimes, I duke it out with my boss.  But, usually, I win the spot by getting here early.  The spot is marked "compact", but is wide enough for an RV.  What a great spot. I am looking forward to the move!  Hello In&Out Burgers!  Hello Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream!  Hello Jamba Juice!  Hello Mercado AMC 20!  Hello to all the other yummy restaurants within walking distance!

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