We Love Wii

june 30, 2007

So, now that Eileen and I have a good piece of achy and sore Wii-shoulder, I wanted to write more about the Nintendo Wii. First, this is a very disruptive piece of hardware. It is revolutionary, not evolutionary. The way that the Wii has users interacting with the games is genius. OK, enough of that. The Wii has 802.11b/g support with WEP64/128, WPA and WPA2 encryption (AES and TKIP). That is great news and I wanted to post the information because, I am guessing, there is still a little bit of confusion to what it does support. Wireless network setup was pretty easy, nothing hard about it. The wizard walks a user through most of the setup. If you are going to go with a wired network, then you'll have to buy a USB dongle to go wired. Playing the Wii is cause for breaking objects near by. On Thursday, the first day we had the Wii, I scraped off a piece of the ceiling while playing tennis. Tonight, while bowling, Eileen smashed the Wiimote into the TV remote, sending it flying across the room. Heh. Beware of Wii players! The "Friend Codes" part of the DS system makes a return to the Wii. But, it has been abstracted outside of games. So, now there is a Mii Channel and a messaging center in the Wii Menu. I have added brad, alice, and mario to my Wii. Their Mii's have also come to live in my Mii Channel -- and they come to play with my Mii in some games like baseball. Very cool system. The messaging system is especially cool since the Wii is online all the time. When a message is received and the Wii is in its "sleep mode", the blue LED for the disc drive slot will pulse slowly. Really cool! With the Wii, I don't care about the PS3 or Xbox 360 anymore. Those are more of the same. The Wii is a taste of the different. I can't wait to try out other games on the Wii (Super Paper Mario is high on my list).

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