Out of Office 321

july 2, 2007

Today was the big day. Our move was completed, I walked into Office 321 where I was supposed to be and it was "setup". What the movers did was take full height (about 5" tall) cubes and shoved them into the office. That blocked most of the windows and the view of the outside. Discher and I went ahead and punched out the panels to the cube walls to let the view in and this is kind of how it looked:

My Side of the Office

And then we went along our day. But, I never felt really "right" in the office that had panel-less walls. It was a bit claustrophobic and a bit too quiet when both Discher and I were working. So, I moved out five hours after I moved in. I got a cube next to Brad. It feels better to be on the floor.

Out of the Office and Into A Cube

But, I'll sure miss that view from the office...

The View from the Office

Oh well!

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