AT&T: We're Not Old!

july 7, 2007

I always thought that when SBC and AT&T merged, they should have come up with some new name to bring the company into the new age. Instead, they went with the old AT&T moniker, which to me is so last century. Anyways, recently, AT&T announced that they would give us Pro and Elite DSL subscribers free access to all their Wifi Hotspots (like in all McDonald's and Barnes and Nobles). That is great news! So, I was looking around to see just how this works and I found their Macintosh support page. Way to go AT&T on trying to show us that you're not old...Check out the Macintosh Support Page and see why...That's MacOS 9, it was discontinued in 2002. I'm sure there are people still running it, but come on AT&T, nice way of dating yourself.

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