Free Wifi

july 15, 2007

Hi from Barnes & Noble on Almaden Expressway! I am trying out AT&T's free Wifi access right now and it works just fine. If you're a AT&T DSL Pro or Elite subscriber (ie. you get 3Mbit/s or 6Mbit/s downloads), you get Wifi access free. This is kind of cool, it gives AT&T a leg up over the cable companies (bah! Down with Comcast!). I just used dslreports to test out the line here, it looks like it is a plain jane 1.5Mbit/s DSL line (with 384kbit/s up). That's not too bad as I don't see that many people around me with computers. What's interesting is that my computer seems to have been issued an outward facing IP address (it's not being nat'ted). So, here I am sitting in the air conditioned, and somewhat noisy -- there is an old lady complaining about how hard it is to find work and two guys talking about meat intake (get your head out of the gutter). The only thing missing are power ports for laptop users. Yes, I can understand that power ports would pose a liability for Barnes & Noble (what if some idiot accidentally eletrocutes himself by spilling a latte while plugging in his laptop?). Yes, I can understand that if everyone plugged in their laptops, it would cost Barnes & Noble money for all that power being used. But, really, you have people who are sitting in your coffee area, willing to shell out for drinks and snacks. Would it not be great to keep them here longer? Just a thought. Anyways, I guess I have a new place that I can go to if it gets too hot at home to work on Saturdays. I can work here for maybe 2.5 hours before the battery on my crappy P3 laptop dies (my RHEL5 Celeron M is a bit large to lug around), but that is 2.5 hours of air conditioning!

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