Rotten Food

july 16, 2007

It is summer time and now is the lull of television. But, there are still some shows that are worth watching and up until last night, the Food Network Star was one of them. Then, they turned out the most horrific and staged episode ever, leaving a really bad taste in my mouth. If you are a viewer of the show and have not watched last night's episode, don't read any further, there are spoilers. So, everything was going great last night with the final three: Amy, Rory and Jag. Amy was doing exceptionally well and finished both her challenges with what I thought were flying colors (I'm not the only one, Eileen and Bruce also thought that Amy did fantastic). Rory had a big screw up at the XM radio challenge and then botched her Rachel Ray appearance. Jag, whom I never liked, botched his radio challenge and did OK with Rachel Ray. As the three headed into the judging room, I figured it was going to be Amy and Jag as the two finalist of the show -- based solely on the XM radio and Rachel Ray competitions. When the judges announced that Rory was staying, I immediately thought, "Bye Jag!" But then the judges said that Jag was staying! WTF!?  I knew that there was something wrong. The screen faded to black and then there were words about how Jag lied about going to Afghanastan and graduating from culinary school. Then there was a totally staged "admission of guilt" by Jag to the two food network judges: Bob and Sue. Then, Amy is brought back on as some sort of "surprise". Does Food Network really think that their viewers are stupid? The whole Jag thing was completely staged for more drama. Come on, no one can start a job without a full background check! Much less be in a high visibility competition!  Does Food Network really think that we'd believe that they did not do a background check on each and everyone of the contestants before starting off this season? The liabilities of letting just anyone onto the show are huge, of course the Food Network ran background checks! I am guessing that Food Network had screened each contestant. When they found out that Jag had lied to them, they decided to use that little morsel of information for later. Then, as the contest continued, the judges continued to nudge Jag through the competition -- Jag was not that great of a contestant anyways, he had streaks of anger, his personality sucked, his presentation skills were really lacking, and his recipes too dificult. They kept moving Jag on through the show knowing that at the end, they could find out "by surprise" that Jag had lied on his resume. Gasp!  The drama!  The surprise!  The totally transparent fakery of it all! Food Network, this little stunt has really soured your image. I'll continue to watch your established shows like Iron Chef America. But, I will be leary to watch Food Network Star ever again.  What you did in the last episode was rotten.

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