july 21, 2007

I have four Intel-based notebooks at home. Two Windows XPs (one my wife's, one mine for those "cripes, this doesn't work in Linux?" moments), one Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0, and a "beater" notebook that I got free at the company hardware giveaway last year which runs CentOS 5.0. Is there a certain greed about Microsoft's pricing? I know, most all of us get our Windows by default with a purchase of a new box (aka the "Windows Tax"). But, what if we have boxes that need OSes? Or if we want to upgrade? With MacOS X and CentOS there are no different tiers of software. RHEL has two options when it comes to desktops: Desktop and Workstation, the difference is in development libraries and servers. What you get is the full OS with all features. With Microsoft, there's Vista Home Basic, Vista Home Premium, Vista Business and Vista Ultimate. Vista Ultimate is the equivilent to MacOS X, RHEL and CentOS since it has all the features of the VIsta OS without anything disabled.

Is Microsoft kidding?

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