july 21, 2007

I am assuming that FOX has not opted to renew Standoff since the last episode was designated "Series Finale". The concept for the show was neat -- follow a pair of FBI negotiators around as they save people's lives, and they are also dating.  The show got off to a great start, but really didn't get much traction.  It did not help that FOX put the show on a huge haitus during its run.  But, I can understand why.  The chemistry between the two leads was not very strong.  And although the idea for the show was nifty, I don't think it had enough to keep the show around for another season -- how many hostage situations and boyfriend/girlfriend fights could we go through? I am glad that FOX let the series finish off its run.  I am glad that I caught the series as it was interesting and entertaining.  Good series.  The ending was pretty fitting, leaving the characters to continue on their lives as if the show never ended.

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