august 16, 2007

I finally signed up for a Facebook account. Yea, I am a bit behind the times. It took an invite from a friend to get me to sign up. Another friend, Brad, told me a few weeks ago that I should sign up too. He said Facebook was a very cool place and that as a social networking site, it was the one that all other social networking sites should follow. I don't know about the last part, but I do think that Facebook deserves all the attention that it has garnered. If we go back to car analogies, MySpace would be that annoying ricer-car (you know, lowered, painted an ugly garish neon color, neon running lights, crappy front wheels, but great rear wheels, a quarter panel that is only has primer, loud muffler, etc). Facebook would be the high-end Lexus (say an LS460). The interface and layout of Facebook is light, fresh, and elegant. It is not heavy like some Ajax-heavy sites -- Yahoo! TV and Yahoo! Tech could learn a good lesson from Facebook's design. And the usability of the site is plain easy. It also helps that a lot of people actually use Facebook, which is one of the key things that you need for a social networking site: People. Then there is the Facebook Platform, something that looks really interesting and that I'll have to check out soon. Anyways, Facebook is pretty cool. Add me as a friend if you want, just look for Steve Mookie Kong.

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