Of Suckage

september 12, 2007

Ok, JR's posting was the one that tipped the scale for me.  There was also Ryan's posting and Jeremy's (as noted by JR).  As noted, there's a whole lot of bad morale going around at work.  In an internet company, the people are quite informed about the company, stock price, and the stinking news about the company.  And frankly, as of late, the Wall Street "analysts" have stepped out their "kick Yahoo! while they're down" phase -- please, notice quotes around "analysts" because I don't consider them analysts, rather they are more "overpaid, jittery dudes in suits who like to try to predict things, but are always wrong".  Really, look how they had a group orgasm on one "analysts" prediction that Microsoft was going to buy Yahoo!.  No, really I have high regard for those Wall Street "analysts". Anyways, outside the company and Wall Street, things are OK.  People still use Yahoo! stuff, though not as much.  JR is "in a near constant state of 'angry' and 'depressed' with occasional spikes of 'profoundly grumpy'."  Me?  I have skipped the whole "angry" and "depressed" stages and have just jumped into the "profoundly grumpy" stage.  I'm not grumpy because of how the stock is doing or how some of our properties are completely unusable.  I'm not grumpy because of how we're not getting a complete overhaul (which, I don't think we really need, but who's asking me?)  I'm grumpy because there's not enough help at work.  I'm grumpy because it is hard to find good help.  I'm grumpy because the bad press that we get, but don't always deserve, is killing the hiring process here.  So, here's my plea: Come work for Yahoo!. I still love working here and plan to be here for a long time.  The people here, though a bit depressed and angry, are still great people to work with.  The perks are still awesome.  Don't believe the press. Unlike JR, I don't need or want a pat on the head.  I just want help at work!  My team is hiring operations engineers -- both in the junior and senior levels.  We need skilled, sharp and fun people to join the team.  The team takes care of thousands of Unix boxes and terabytes of data.  If you want to join the team (or just want to meet me), send me your resume: mookiekong at yahoo dot com.  We are looking for people skilled in Unix, Perl, and bash.  Oh, and your troubleshooting skills should be pretty sharp also.

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