Click Monkeys...

november 15, 2007

If you're a regular reader, you won't notice any ads on because I only show them to people who arrive via major search engines (aol, ask, google, msn, and yahoo). Only recently have I started tracking just how well each group of searchers perform. Now that I have some data, it is really interesting to see which search engines attract the "click monkeys". The industry average click-through-rate is around 1%. Google and AOL users hover around that average. Yahoo! users seem to click more. What is surprising is the CTR of MSN and Ask users: They are freaking click monkeys -- especially the MSN users. MSN users are by far worth more per million clicks than any other users: 8% CTR with a $26.86 eCPM, that is fantastic.

Channel Page CTR Page eCPM
google 1.13% 2.32
yahoo 2.89% 7.19
msn 8.02% 26.86
ask 5.66% 8.21
aol 1.19% 2.1
Totals 1.38% 3.03

Please, MSN users, come to my site more through the MSN search engine.  (Jeremy shows quite a different picture with his tracking, but I'm sure this is all due to the different types of audiences we are attracting).

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