Dear Linux Journal...

november 18, 2007

Dear Editors and Proofreaders at Linux Journal, I find your magazine informative and fun to read at times. But, recently, your magazine has made me grind my teeth because of the horrible editing. Editing an article does not mean running it through a spell-checker and giving it a thumbs up. Editing an article means going through the article and fixing issues such as repetition or removing words that are not necessary. As a print magazine, you are held up to higher standards than blogs (though, bloggers need to also edit their stuff). I am considering not renewing my subscription because it is difficult to read a badly edited magazine. Let me give you some examples of what should have been edited from two articles in the November 2007 issue:

I could go on and on. But, the most ironic thing is that Doc Searls, a Senior Editor at the magazine, writes about Strunk and White's The Elements of Style. Maybe the editors at Linux Journal can read The Elements of Style and put it to good use. Currently, the magazine is feeling like a pass-through for articles submitted -- the articles come in, they are run through spell-check, and then they are printed. That is not how it should be. Thanks for listening, Mookie

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