november 27, 2007

Overheard at dinner tonight. Dude sitting at table next to us at Fresh Choice, a salad/buffet place, talking on his mobile phone with someone: "Hey, what's up man?...No, I just got out of my Weight Watchers meeting...Maybe next time...Yea, I'm trying to eat healthy..." The dude had a huge beer belly that expanded out and over his belt-line. And although I applaud him for taking the right steps to getting healthier...Really, should someone trying to lose weight hit a buffet right after their Weight Watchers meeting? Sure, it is a "salad" place, but the one thing that I learned from the Yahoo! cafeteria is that even if it says "salad", it doesn't mean that it is healthy ("taco salad" is not really a salad). Fresh Choice is laden with creamy soups, greasy pizza, oh-so delicious desserts and other great tasting unhealthy food. Hell, the dude covered his salad with creamy Ranch dressing. It's like an alcoholic walking out of an AA meeting and going to a bar to drink fat free milk.

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