december 9, 2007

It was that time again: Yahoo! Year End Party! Last night, Jacob got to hang out with the grandparents while mommy and daddy went to the YEP. It was great fun that I can break down into a few numbered bullet points:

  1. Food: Good, like usual.
  2. People: A lot more than I can remember from the last two years. Of course, Yahoo! has been growing the number of employees also. Saw lots of people: Vito, Ron, Brad, Jon, Lon, Discher and others.
  3. Music: The DJ was in the "big" hall this year which was great. What was even better was that he was playing in the middle of the hall -- usually, the music is at the front, which means they have to play REALLY LOUD so that the sound can reach the back. This year, it was nice and even and not super loud in the front.
  4. Gambling: Eileen took her 500 Yahoo! Bucks and turned it into 1250 Yahoo! Bucks in less than an hour at a Blackjack table! She says she doesn't like gambling, but she is damned good at it. I went from 500 Yahoo! Bucks to 550 Yahoo Bucks.
  5. Alcohol: There was lots of it. Long lines to get to it. And also some that should not have had so much (more on that below).
There were two "ladies" who should not have had as much alcohol as they did. While waiting in line to get our photo taken, there was this woman who looked like Jenna Elfman, but acted like a crack addict, that got in our face about cutting in line: We were in front of her all this time and she clearly was drunk. She resorted to cursing and acting like a drunken fool, which at a nice party like this really showed how classless she was. The other woman was acting like the "50 Year Old Sorority Sister". She butted into the Blackjack table in front of me, shaking her old ass to the beat, laughing and just generally acting like an old woman who was trying to act like someone she was 30 years ago. Ugh. Alcohol makes some turn into people they would not like. Unfortunately, they continue to drink. So, in general it was a great time. It was nice to see everyone dressed up. It was good to fill our stomaches with good food, listen to the music, see familiar faces outside of the office and "play" gamble.

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