december 21, 2007

I was emailing with a buddy of mine about the iPhone and he wrote something that I never really thought about: "i always give my phones a pocket to themselves..." Up until the SonyEricsson w810i, I had always carried my phones in a belt-holster type device.  Somehow, with the w810i I started to carry the phone in my pocket.  But, the phone never had a pocket by itself.  The w810i always rode with my wallet in one pocket, the other pocket had my keys -- I figured the keys would do damage to the w810i and the wallet would not. With the iPhone, even in a case, I have been carrying it around in its own pocket.  The wallet (poor thing) has been relegated to living in the other pocket with my keys.  Talking with my other buddy, I found he gives his iPhone a dedicated pocket also. Do you carry your mobile phone in your pant pocket?  And if you do, does it get a dedicated pocket that holds nothing else?

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