The Ability To Run Out of MP3s To Sell

january 8, 2008

Update: Disregard this post. Sony BMG has come to their senses and are going to be offering their non-DRM music through Amazon's MP3 Store. In what maybe the biggest backasswards way of selling digital music, Sony BMG detailed their plans on how they will sell DRM-free music: In retail stores only. What the hell? So, it is really possible that Sony BMG will be able to "sell out" of MP3s! Wow! That is just brilliant. Here's how Sony BMG wants to sell digital music:

  1. You decide you want to buy a Sony BMG album
  2. You get in your car
  3. Drive to Best Buy
  4. Buy a $12.99 "Platinum Music Pass"
  5. Drive Home
  6. Log into the Sony website
  7. Punch in the code from your card
  8. Download music
That has got to be the most idiotic way of selling digital music ever. People buy digital music because it is convenient and easy to get (not to mention makes for an excellent impulse buy). By inserting steps 2-7, Sony has just eliminated the convenience and easy of digital music. And on top of that, they are charging a lot more per digital album than either Amazon or iTunes. Someone's ass needs to get kicked for putting together such a "brilliant" plan. Sony BMG feels "strongly that there's a group that will enjoy carrying the imagery of an artist they love around with them, or sharing it with their friends." Yea, you know what Sony BMG? With gas prices so high, I'd rather not buy your music than to pay $12.99 and gas to get a digital download. I could care less about "carrying the imagery of an artist I love around with me. Thanks, but no thanks. Lets not forget about the unnecessary damage that is caused to the environment because of this scheme: If only the management at Sony BMG "got it"...

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