january 18, 2008

When I upgraded from Tiger to Leopard, I swore I'd give Safari a good try. When I told Alice, she only blurted, "Ugh, why?" I don't know, I guess because it is the built-in browser? And because I was using it on my iPhone. I just started using Firefox on my Powerbook instead of Safari. I couldn't take Safari anymore. Safari is the Internet Explorer of the MacOS X world -- built-in web-browser, enabled by default, and just horrible. Safari has two things going for it. The first is that it is damned fast. The second is that it renders fonts beautifully. Other than those two:

I did what I swore:  I gave Safari a good try.  It failed me on the Mac, so I am going back to reliable Firefox.  The only reason that I now have to use Safari is to manage bookmarks for my iPhone.

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