Jobs and Gates

january 19, 2008

I was cruising around the Podcast section of the iTunes Store last night and found this early 2007 interview of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. I just finished watching it and found it to be a really interesting interview. I did have issues with Kara Swisher, who is not a particularly good interviewer -- stop interrupting the guests and stop with the passive-aggressive treatment of Steve Jobs. But, it was very interesting to watch both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates together -- and even more interesting to hear what they have to say about technology, history and each other. What was very evident in the interview was that Jobs is a consummate sales guy at heart, while Gates is the hardcore engineer at heart. Jobs can tell the stories, but you can tell that Gates could tell you how to write code. It was also good to see Steve Jobs out of his element -- off the Macworld stage with prepared notes and such -- since I got the sense that he was not as comfortable as he usually is. I also got a sense that Jobs was controlling his famed temper at Swisher -- which, I really wish he would have unleashed because she was an annoying buzz. Gates on the other hand looked very comfortable all during the interview -- sometimes even so comfortable that he started slouching in his chair as if he were kicking back. If you have an hour and a half, the interview is well worth the time. This is the transcript. The full video can be found here.

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