Packaged Exhiliration

january 27, 2008

The family wagon (our Lexus RX350) was well overdue for a check up. Thank goodness Magnussen's Lexus' Service Department is open on Saturday. Yesterday, I took the RX in for servicing. They would have my car for until 3pm, and I was there at 9:30am. The service consultant asked me if I wanted an RX or ES as a free loaner. That was disappointing, I wanted to get the IS for the free loaner -- not a family wagon or family sedan! "Come on, don't you have something more exciting for me?" I asked half-jokingly. "You want an IS, huh?" He replied before asking another consultant to check if they had an IS loaner left. They did and I got it. The last IS loaner was mine for the day! And what an exciting day it was with the IS. It was only an IS250, but nevertheless, it was packaged exhilaration -- sure, maybe I'm a little skewed, I have been driving a wagon for more than a year now. The IS drives like a dream. It goes really fast, really fast. Thank goodness there are warning lights for when I go too fast (around 80mph, a ring around the speedometer lights up) because I was going too fast too many times. The E-shift made the car fun to drive as a faux manual -- it even had paddle shifters, how cool is that? The car cornered like it was on rails. And as an extra bonus, it wass luxurious inside. Mm. What a yummy car. I wish I had one.

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