february 11, 2008

There's stupid and then, well there's f*cking stupid. The "director of field marketing for Web analytics company Omniture Inc" (his name was removed, but you can get it from the article) really puts himself and his company in a bad light when he becomes irate about the recent Blackberry outage. Yes, a data outage for Blackberry's is annoying. Yes, you have the right to be miffed. But, stupid comments like this, should really be kept to yourself: "I don't know what happened, I don't care what happened. They need to save their excuses for someone who cares." That is so immature and juvenile -- especially for a "director of field marketing." He "plans to ask his company to buy him a backup smart phone from a rival like Palm Inc., which makes the Treo, in case BlackBerry service goes on the fritz again."  What a knee-jerk reaction that is -- wait till he sees what he has to do to get his email over to the Treo if there is a Blackberry blackout.  Obviously, he's not the type to think things through. This just goes to show what I have been noticing a lot more lately:  There are a lot more people becoming  (if that is possible) self-centered pricks lately -- and they somehow think that it is OK to be that way. I can just imagine this "director" thinking in his head, "I have to come off as strong.  I have to show that I am powerful.  I am a director!"  People: Get over yourself.

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