Getting All Introspective and Stuff

february 16, 2008

I wandered over to my sister's blog this morning and she had a posting where she got all introspective and stuff. What interested me was that she made a comparison between us -- we are our parent's only kids.  She figured that when the genes were sorted out, she got the "worry-til-your-hair-goes-white, I-hate-people" gene, while I got the "easy-going, happy-go-lucky" gene. Was she right?  Kinda, I guess.  When my sis and I are together, we are vicious when it comes to other people.  If we don't like them, we don't like them -- they become the fodder for our endless joking, until we find someone else to bash.  But, when we're not together, usually I am the more easy going one.  I still have a decent portion of the "I-hate-people" gene, but someone has to be damned annoying for me to hate them -- if I hate you, you'll know it and there are only a few people in this world I truly hate.  Do I worry?  Yes, I worry a lot, but only in bursts.  Unless a situation turns terribly bad, I am usually not worrying about it -- the recent layoffs?  Yes, that was a burst of worry.  The whole Yahoo!-Microsoft thing?  I am not too worried. When I sat around thinking about what my sis wrote, I figured that all that happy-go-luckiness and easy-goingness comes down to is me being:

If you don't know about the glass of water, it's hard to care if it is half empty or half full!  And if you do see a glass of water that is half full, grab a pitcher and fill it up. What kind of personality genes did you inherit?  And, If you could change one thing about your personality in an instant, what would it be?

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